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Master Lee

Traditional Korean Taekwondo, Seoul Korea (1975)
President of Korean Taekwondo Association of Wahington DC (2011~2013)
8th Dan Chungdokwan, Senior Master (World Chungdokwan Headquarters)
6th Dan Kukkiwon, Master Instructor (World Taekwondo Headquarters)
4th Dan Kumdo (Korean Sword Martial arts)
1987 New Orleans, Open Blackbelt Champion
1988 Houston, Open Blackbelt State Champion
Steve Lee Taekwondo, Stafford (2007~ )
Y.M. Taekwondo College, New Orleans (1987)
Stafford Elementary Enrichment Program (2010~ )
Korean Bell Garden (Meadowlark Botanical Garden) Taekwondo Demonstration (2012)
Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) Taekwondo Demonstration
University of Virginia (UVA) Taekwondo Demonstration
St. William of York Catholic Church Taekwondo Demonstration
George Mason University (CS)
George Washington University (CE)
IGlobal University (MSIT)
CompTIA Security+ Certified.

Taekwondo is a physical expression of the human will for survival and an activity to fulfill the spiritual desires of people. Basically all the actions in Taekwondo are developed from the human insticnt for self-defense, reinforced with elements positive as needs arise, and ultimately reach the absolute state to overcome the ego and arrive at the moment of perfection, thus giving the sport a philosophical dimension.

Taekwondo, known as the oldest self-defense martial art in the world, is recorded in the Kogooryo Dynasty founded in 37 B.C. in the northern part of the Korean peninsula. This over two thousand years old martial art has uniquely been developed in Korea, distinctly from Kungfu, the Chinese art of Self-defense, and Japanese Karate. First World Taekwondo Championship Competitions held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in 1973 in which more than forty countries from all over the world participated. Now is an official Olympic sport.

Taekwondo transforms one's character into a strong, resilient spirit so that one can develop leadership to guide and lead in every walk of life. Leadership to guide and lead in every walk of life. Leadership and a strong fighting sprit provide confidence in every work, so that one can maintain composure and security, which will in turn create patience and modesty. Then one will eventually overcome himself with the spirit of self-sacrifice, thus gaining an outstanding character as a leader of society.


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