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Our Programs

Little Tigers
A unique opportunity to introduce your child to Taekwondo. It is designed to develop motor skills, promote physical fitness, social skills and self confidence. Children learn to follow directions, and boundaries are set in an appropriate way. This class emphasizes Taekwondo basics, listening well and having fun!

Taekwondo Program focuses on character development, physical development, building initiative, leadership development and self-defense through awareness and empowerment.
- Help students develop confidence, self-defense and respect.
- Opportunity for training camps, tournaments and demonstrations.
- A safe and enriching place where children can spend quality time after school.
- Share experiences and cooperation with friends.
- Youth/ Family/ Adult Program

Kumdo (Sword)
Kumdo students practice with a variety of bamboo and wooden imitation swords. Students learn the basics, defense, offence, forms and sparring. What are some benefits of practicing Kumdo? Kumdo is not only about the techniques of the sword. It is about the truth of the sword. Therefore, its teachings emphasize improving character and showing respect for others. The first teaching of Kumdo is respect. Then it teaches a philosophy of protecting weaker people. Before and after training, Mook-sang (the meditation time) will help you reconsider yourself, and it will help you to have a good body and soul.The philosophy you learn from Kumdo will give you good life values in this modern society.


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